Company Profile

We, the partners of Matzenbach & Rudolph Audit GmbH, have specialized in auditing and advice of self-employed, family-controlled medium-sized companies in special areas. 

Hans-Jörg Matzenbach
Hans-Jörg Matzenbach

We work for the long-term success of our clients and do not aim at short-term gains.

Trust, reliability and understanding for business of our clients are the basis for a long-term and successful cooperation with our clients. We understand auditing how you understand your business.

Despite identifying ourselves with our clients, we always maintain objectivity which is self-evident in our profession and is expected from us by our clients.

Klaus-Jürgen Rudolph
Klaus-Jürgen Rudolph

We, partners of Matzenbach & Rudolph Audit GmbH, look at our historical long-term association with satisfied clients in large numbers.

We have a passion for our profession and our clients can count on our enthusiasm and commitment to their cause.

We pursue a risk-oriented audit approach using professional audit techniques. We do not limit ourselves to standard checklists, but instead develop suitable and efficient audit approach based on a risk profile developed separately for the client.

Beyond audit, in close consultation with the clients we approach other professionals or colleagues with whom we are cooperating for a long period of time in specialized fields such as the area of legal advice etc.

In order to ensure high quality of services to our clients, we have voluntarily decided to repeat the statutory requirement of quality control procedures at shorter intervals of every six years